About Tickety

Tickety is made to help you give your users support. It enables you to streamline your support process to reduce the stress on your support team. Support via discord is usually experienced as really pleasant by the endusers due to the fact it feels personal, Tickety will increase this feeling even further. It's ease of use will make your staff get used to it quickly. Tickety's core features will always stay free to help you help!

Fast Code

Tickety uses all the latest best practices when it comes to code. It utilizes a redis cluster for caching. These make Tickety run as fast, amazing, smoothly, and efficient as it does now.

Unlimited Tickets

To make sure Tickety supports all sizes of servers it offers unlimited tickets. To keep up with all those tickets there is also no restriction in the amount of support agents you can have.

Web Panel

Tickety has a webpanel that can be used to tweak settings from the bot. This is currently a BETA feature that is being expanded on frequently and that will play a huge part in Tickety's future.

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