Discord's Ticket System.

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More Than Just a Ticket Bot

Tickety enables you to streamline your support process to reduce the stress and increase customer satisfaction.

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Lightning fast code

Fast Code

Tickety uses all the latest best practices when it comes to code. It utilizes a redis cluster for caching. These make Tickety run as fast, amazing, smoothly, and efficient as it does now.

Unlimited amount of tickets

Unlimited Tickets

To make sure Tickety supports all sizes of servers it offers unlimited tickets. Furthmore, there is no restriction on the amount of support agents.

Panel on desktop


Tickety has a webpanel that can be used to tweak settings from the bot. This is currently a BETA feature that is being expanded on frequently and that will play a huge part in Tickety's future.

Start Managing Tickets.


Login To Our Panel

Use your Discord account to login on our panel.

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Add Bot To Your Server

Choose the server you'd like to manage tickets in.

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Dynamically Create Categories

Create categories and change settings within each category.

Change category settings

Join over 19,972 People Using Tickety.

Tickety has been used by people of all different markets over the years. We've collected a bunch of positive feedback on our bot.

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Greg's profile picture


Have been using this bot on a few of my servers. Does what is advertised and you cannot beat the pricing of their premium features.

Active support and developer as well which makes you feel welcomed and that they truly care about helping our communities. Honestly could not ask for anything more. Any new features added are just icing on the delicious cake.

Dylan Diehl's profile picture

Dylan Diehl

Tickety is helpful especially for those with Discord servers on the larger side. Lets you respond to questions much quicker and are not lost within the feed.

Andre Lallier's profile picture

Andre Lallier

Works great, simple to use. Support is fast and very helpful.

Peter Le's profile picture

Peter Le

The $5 investment I made for Tickety was DEFINITELY worth it! I've used various Ticket bots, and I've found this one to be the most User-friendly. The help commands are straight forward and easy to understand. The support team is very friendly and provides accurate information to help you utilize the bot to it's fullest potential.

To all the developers and support team, you guys are awesome!